Dogecoin versus Live Stars (DOGE vs LIVE) CryptoRival

Draft of CGB Website's new text - Your Input Requested!


Greetings everyone. I am posting a draft of some of the sections of the new website. They are a work in progress and any input on this content or anything else you would like to see on the new site is appreciated! The website will be focusing on educating investors of all ability so that they can understand the crypto-currency markets and make wise decisions within them. Without this understanding, our markets will not be able to efficiently, and with confidence, allocate capital to the true pillars of this new economy.
Note: Most of my updates can be seen directly here. I expect to have this completed by the weekend so that we can hopefully have the new site up and running. Even once up, there will be lots of work to do to really perfect it.

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  • Released in late June 2013, Cryptogenic Bullion was designed primarily with wealth preservation in mind. With its accelerated mining period, and fast declining inflation, Cryptogenic Bullion is now entering it’s final stage as an interest bearing, low inflation, cryptographic digital asset.
  • Wallet download selection
  • Quick Information section
  • What is Cryptogenic Bullion? - Cryptogenic Bullion is a peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world. Its fundamental specifications enable it to efficiently function as a store of wealth.
  • Energy and Cost Efficient - Our network requires far less energy than generating hardware-intensive proof-of-work hashes. Proof-of-stake also does away with the ~$1 billion “tax” on the Bitcoin network through proof-of-work blocks.
  • Higher Security - Maintaining the network through the hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake algorithm reduces the risk of the Selfish-Miner Flaw, 51% attacks, Kimoto Gravity Attack and the block bloating that have been used to exploit other currencies.
  • Coin Specifications - Cryptogenic Bullion is based on a hybrid Proof of Stake / Proof of Work scrypt algorithm. It has a block interval of 60 seconds and retargets difficulty every 2 blocks. A reward of 1.5% interest is earned by those who maintain a savings of CGB, while 0.5% interest is earned by miners who also help to secure the network.
  • A Digital Asset - Cryptogenic Bullion is a digital asset with all of the properties of money. Like gold, it is portable, divisible, fungible, scarce, low inflation, durable, non-consumable, and a store of wealth. It can be stored in a private safe and yet transferred across the globe in minutes.
  • Get Involved - Our community is focused on empowering its members with the knowledge and resources required to quickly spread the benefits of Cryptogenic Bullion to new participants.
  • Updates and News Latest blog information, twitter feed, etc.
  • Investor Brief
    $___ USD/CGB Price $500,000 Market Cap B_____CGB/BTC Price 950,000 CGB Total Supply Last updated: X seconds ago


About CGB:
Cryptogenic Bullion is a digital asset with all of the qualities of money. It is a descendant of Bitcoin, but employs an advanced security model which is more efficient and more secure than Bitcoin. The problems of today's debt based fiat currencies find solutions in cutting-edge decentralized cryptographic currencies like Cryptogenic Bullion. Designed to function as a store of wealth, CGB's fundamentals emulate the properties and supply of gold.
While Cryptogenic Bullion shares many traits with Bitcoin such as fast global payments, decentralization, pseudo-anonymity, and non-reversible transactions, there are many improvements which allow CGB to more reliably store wealth. A critical requirement for storing wealth is a low inflation rate. Cryptogenic Bullion is a very rare exception in that it has nearly completed its volatile inflationary stage and settled into its maximum yearly inflation rate of 2%. It also allows prudent savers of Cryptogenic Bullion to earn up to 1.5% interest on funds left unspent in their wallets for at least 30 days.
Crypto-currencies are finding support among a massive and diverse range of participants. For newcomers, a visit to one of the following pages would be beneficial depending on your current level of understanding and intention. Cryptogenic Bullion emulate the properties of gold, a classic safe-haven asset, and also represents a part of the movement towards a more fair and honest system of money. For more details on why and how, see the Fundamental Knowledge section. To quickly learn more about the crypto-markets, see the Investor Brief section. For analysing market dynamics, see the Market Fundamentals section.
  • Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Linear difficulty retarget (every 2 blocks)
  • 5 Confirmations
  • 60 Second block time
  • 1.5% Annual interest earned
  • Subsidy halving after every 50k blocks until reward of 0.01
  • Target ~1,000,000 CGB
  • 0.5% PoW & 1.5% PoS inflation
  • Based on Peercoin & Novacoin
Fundamental Knowledge:
In order to understand the need for cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin and Cryptogenic Bullion, we must consider a number of fundamental challenges with our current financial system, and the solutions that cryptographic currencies provide. The world's currencies are referred to as debt-based fiat currencies because they are not backed by a physical asset like gold, and can burden up to 30 participants with debt for each actual dollar in reserve, creating the potential for bank runs. It helps to realize that when a credit card is used to purchase something, dollars are created , and when you pay it off, dollars are destroyed. This scheme is referred to as fractional reserve banking and can not happen in a digital currency system without the owner's knowledge because the supply is strictly controlled by a decentralized protocol.
We are beginning, as a society, to understand the dangers and inefficiencies found in centralized systems as corruptions and self destructive processes manifest themselves with no true remedy. As our society looks for answers, they are being found in technological advances which allow us to connect with each other in more meaningful ways which do not require a third party. Cryptographic currencies provide the convenience of cash, with neither the excessive centralized printing, nor the potential for censorship or sanctions which block the transmission of funds. A new economy is forming with various crypto-currencies attempting to fill different roles within the ecosystem. It is imperative that we capitalize these technologies through careful investment to allow for the necessary development which will enable them to be a major part of modern society. To quickly learn more about the crypto-markets, see the Investor Brief section.
Trust in crypto-currencies must begin with a basic understanding of how the system functions and how to use it. Technology has existed for decades now which allow us to verify that a message was signed by an individual. This authentication technology is now used to prove that the holder of a private wallet has sent funds form that wallet to another. Keeping this key secret is the responsibility of each participant and this responsibility is the price for the freedom enabled by cryptographic currencies. Every transaction that has ever occurred is recorded in a distributed ledger which proves the current balance of all wallets in order to validate further transactions. Blocks created every 60 seconds containing all of the new transactions are added to the top of the block chain and further serve to set all previous blocks in "cryptographic" stone. For more details on how CGB's decentralized protocols provide trusted security and honest money, see the Papers and Articles section.
In order to get a glimpse of what the future cryptographic currency ecosystem could look like we must accept that there are many different roles to fill, and it is difficult for one currency to efficiently fill all roles. A store of wealth, like Cryptogenic Bullion (CGB), must have a low inflation rate to preserve capital and reduce volatility. Stability can also be encouraged if the bearer is allowed to earn interest on savings stored unspent for a specified length of time. A currency, like Dogecoin (DOGE), must have a higher inflation rate to slightly exceed the adoption rate. This provides liquidity and encourages spending which furthers the expansion of the participant base. A market gateway, like Bitcoin (BTC), must also have a higher inflation rate to match adoption so that liquidity is maintained which enhances the access to each of its markets. The market gateway also insulates the cryptographic currencies and stores of wealth from the market fluctuations caused by volatile shifts in demand for fiat currencies vs. crypto-currencies as a whole. For more information on these dynamics, see the Market Fundamentals section.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • General
  • Investing
  • Storing Wealth
  • Wallet Software
  • (more?)
Continued in this comment (directly below).
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MAD Doge - Market Analysis 2/5/2014 (Evening Edition) Charity and Tithing

Well, it's been a few days, so let's get the market stuff done quick!

We've got a bear market (Much ROAR)

Follow the Triangle Chart Pattern info only if you understand the analysis (Explanation)

As far as the pools are going, is still down due to a NTP DDOS attack, here's a link describing it Cloudflare Blog


With the recent DDOS, I'd recommend staying away from the larger pools since they might be instigating the DDOS, P2Pool is a great alternative, but the decision is ultimately up to you.


I'll test with a single graphics card to see if the "cheating" works.

Meat and Potatoes (Such Dinner)

TLDR: GIVE BRO (TLDR for our female audience, if any: Please give to the DogeCoin Foundation Charities, it changes lives daily!)

Definition from the Merriam Dogester Dictionary:

If you're a bit keyboard-shy, why don't you let me know if you would come to a party themed after this one: End of the World Celebration, we can easily get 50% of the stuff shown in the video, but would need to crowd-fund it to pay for the rest as well as find the "200" people necessary to throw it.
Admittedly, it would be a dry party since we can get extra money from the nearby University as an "alternative" event.
Any thoughts?
As always, SHIBE ON!
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A game plan for $PINK & Human Civilization "Operation: Culture Bomb"

Dear Planet Pinkcoin,
Greetings my fellow Pink Knights of the round table! I will begin with saying that, as deceiving as it may seem beneath my raging Pink Chest Plate and Chain Mail, I am a total nerd. So much of a Nerd am I that in fact I have conquered the World many times over..... by playing Sid Meier's Civilization; lol I rock I know. What in the Hell does Pinkcoin have to do with this particular PC game you ask? Only EVERYTHING! Badass Civilization experts, such as my humble self, are mutual know-it-alls of Battle Strategy for starters, the dynamics of a healthy economy, the digestion of Innovation VS Time and Production. The world begins to look a lot differently after you take the red pill, and if i may elaborate further here is just my Professionally Analyzed take of the entire Crypto-chess board digested in "Civilization" terms. If you are unfamiliar with Civilization you begin the game by selecting a Nation/Culture and begin your journey to dominate the world either it by Technology, Wealth, Culture, or Military Might. If each Crypto- Coin were to adopt a Civilization to represent them I would say that the values reflected by Pinkcoin are those of the Indian Civilization with Gandhi (Pinkcoin Devs) as Leaders of our Citizenry Government. Indians begin Civilization with Technology Perks which I believe coincides perfectly with our reputation in the rapid progress of Pink's developments, as compared to other Nations (other Crypto-Coins). As Civilization progresses the Indians then receive a drastic population boost, which I believe we have also enjoyed and entertained recently on our way to conquer the known Crypto-world. Which leads us, our great Pink Nation, into receiving our Third Perk, advancing into the "Middle Ages" with an epic Culture Boost. Beings that we are currently ahead of the game in Technology, threats from other Nations overtaking us by innovation and progress is minimal at the moment, however it is important to note that in Civilization if you fall behind in Technology you will fall behind in the game quickly, so I would definitely recommend the Devs hold strong onto the undying swagger they've been accomplishing lately. Therefore, In order to take full advantage of our Third Perk (a drastic enhancement of our culture) we must allocate some of our resources and wittiness towards expanding our nations borders, and inspiring other Nations' subjects by setting unignorable awesome new $PINK trends. WE, The Pinkcoin Citizenry must take the reigns of the Middle Ages until we advance in our journey to the Renaissance Period aka (roughly $1million Market Cap). What in the Fck is the importance of inspiring Culture you say? Well it's only the most effective strategy in dominating Civilization so hard that angels cry :( With every opponent we win over to join Pink we are taking a foot-solider from the ranks of our imminent mortal enemies, allowing us to grow exponentially out many new branches of love, peacefully and honorably. Judging by the atmosphere of the Crypto-Globe at the moment, Germany (Blackcoin), Spain (Dogecoin) and the Ottomans (Litecoin) are the weakest nations for the taking. For instance our color brothers, Germany (Blackcoin), and our Explorative cultured Cousins Spain (Dogecoin) both began Civilization with a unique Technology Advantage, received a Culture Bonus in the Classical Age, and a Production perk in the Middle Ages, however they have unwisely focused too much of their production on population growth without first possessing a stable enough culture to support it. Germany's culture is especially weak right now with many of her Citizens seeking a more homely home for their investments, and better charts to look at. Because Germany (Blackcoin) is likely to improve her Culture and Technology as time moves along I would highly recommend we take full advantage of the situation. We Pink Knights would be wise to tag Germany (Blackcoin) in with our awesome memes, poetry, and Pinkcoin Jingles to encourage her weary citizens to jump into our boat by the droves. As for Spain (Dogecoin), she holds out hope for another come-back which may come to pass in the near future depending on her position following (Dogecoin)Spain's ongoing conflicts with the Ottoman hoard (Litecoin). Many Spaniards are weary of the Ottaman's military prowess with their doge killing AuxPow, and are seeking a safer new cultured & charitable community. We Pink Knights would be wise to also tag Dogecoin in with our great works of Art we display on Twitter, Facebook & Reddit to convert them into the Pink Way of Life, which should be easy considering that the shibe way is not so much different than the Pink way to live happily, peace-minded and secured. Finally, we must focus ourselves on the wounded Ottoman(Litecoin) Empire, a sleeping giant. Her Armies and Cannon Vollies may be massive but her people are hurting, suffering from famine, and lacking in faith. The Ottoman's have also dipped into a Depression recently and her subjects are growing skeptical that their leaders will ever pull through out of a constant rainy season. Many within the Ottoman(Litecoin) Hoard are desperately seeking a solid way out, and a safe passage to a more fun and free lifestyle. Lets face it, they want Pinkcoin, and they want her hard. Let us show their withering and strained armies how much more fun we can be and initiate a grand exodus of new Pink Knights into our ranks out of the stumbling war hungry Ottoman(Litecoin) nation. By coordinating our Culture Bomb on these 3 competitors, and Awe their primitive practices with our Pink Halos and Steel, welcoming with open arms just 1% of each of their populations into our Pink borders, we would stand to reach a $1.76million MarketCap and progress into the Renaissance Era; perhaps with the strength then after to Challenge the might of the Roman(Bitcoin) legions! But lets not get ahead of ourselves with the dreaded Romans quite yet. To put money where my mouth is I will be giving random rewards out to those fellow Pink Knights who aid me towards these ends, that Operation "Culture Bomb" be hereby instituted with 3 Objectives: 1.) Use a barrage of clever Memes, Pinkcoin Music/Tunes, Cinema & Poetry tagged into Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin's Twitter feeds. 2.) Absorb 1% of the market caps of Blackcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. 3.) Accomplish tasks 1 & 2 before the Development team releases another new major technology. 4.) And by Golly if we all coordinate this right on target Pinkcoin will become every drooling Crypto-Coin's steamy hot fantasy babe next door, entertaining over a $1million market cap right when Pink Poker blows everything out of the water! We rise to glory together my friends, let us launch the most epic bandwagon campaign the world has ever beholden! As Pink Citizens with a common goal and crypto- heritage, by collaborating with our amazing Developers' coming technologies, we will essentially be dishing out a Mike Tyson 1,2 Knockout Uppercut to the Crypto-Globe's Face! My War Paint is ON! God Bless OPERATION: "CULTURE BOMB"!
 Eternal Blessings, Spock [email protected] 
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What is Dogecoin? LIVE DogeCoin Rockets - Which Coin Is Next? (Cryptocurrency News in 4k - Bitcoin, Ethereum, & More!) 3860 Bitcoin & Ethereum abwärts? Doge & Stratis werden spannend Earn Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin Free Best Mining Site Dogecoin More Popular Bitcoin Cash?  Roger Ver Explains

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What is Dogecoin?

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